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It Can All Be Automated For Your Convenience!

With Practia Inc. on the job, Smart Home Automation is no longer a rocket science! We have the skilled workforce and technical background to automate just about anything. Lighting, doors, security systems, thermostat, home theater and sound system, etc. are all included in our skill set for smart home automation and we’d be happy to make your life easier! We provide the best consultancy on smart home automation in Washington DC, Vienna, Fairfax and nearby areas so that you get the most out of your investment in terms of hardware and home automation ideas.

Security – Smart Home Automation

A home is a symbol of security and a smart home is incomplete without security automation.  We at Practia Inc. ensure that through latest gadgets and tools you, your loved ones and your belongings stay safe!

We provide expertise in installation of indoor/outdoor security cameras that can be remotely controlled and monitored. With our sensors and alarm systems installed you can program your security system to alert you on certain “actions” being performed – such as door opening after midnight. Our state of the art home automation services provide you automatic door locks along with their status updates through your smart phones; so you no longer forget to lock the door! With one touch locks, you can lock your house through your phone/tablet and assign unique codes to people you trust and get alerts each time they unlock/lock the door. Of course, you also have the added advantage of letting yourself in if you forget the keys!

With remote monitoring, you can keep an eye on your loved one’s while at work or on a vacation! Let Practia Inc’s team empower you through cutting edge security equipment and surveillance automation.

Central Lighting Control – Energy Efficient Smart Lighting

A smart home’s foundation is laid on energy efficiency and conservation. Practia Inc.’s Smart Home Automation services give you central control over the lighting of your entire house. Now you no longer need to worry about having left the lights on!

Utilizing Control4’s state of the art smart lighting tools, we let you access lighting of various rooms through a remote control! You can turn the lights on or off from any location inside your house or even while on the go! Tremendous energy savings are achieved as you are able to set dimmers for lights and timers for electrical appliances to automatically turn themselves off or on!

Practia Inc.’s experienced team for smart home automation  further provides structured wiring for smart homes along with Control4’s elegant wireless lighting keypads and dimmers, to add a touch of class to your smart home!

Temperature / Climate Control – Smart Home Automation

We want you to enter your home and have that wonderful feeling that says your home is the coziest place on earth! With our temperature / climate control automation services, you can control your house’s temperature on the go! Yes, no longer do you need to worry about having left the cooling or heating system on. You can pre-set the temperature you desire and control it through a single home automation control system on your smart phone, tablet PC or remote control.

We’re just getting warmed up, there’s plenty of more that we can automate for you…

Entertainment Automation – Smart Home Automation

Are you ready to get in the mood?

Turn down the lights, pull down the shades and play some Barry White – all at once through your Smart Home remote control! We can configure Control4’s futuristic switches to perform your desired tasks or create a Smart Home App on your smart phone or even bring these features to your home theater’s remote control! With our technical expertise your desires are now an instant possibility!

Let us take out all the hassle from the picture so you and your loved one’s can truly feel at home. You just can’t get enough love elsewhere, we promise!

One Touch Control – Smart Home Automation

Our value proposition is simple – your home on your fingertips!

Practia Inc.’s Smart Home Automation Services seek to integrate all the major home functions – lighting, heating, security (door locks, surveillance), sound system etc. in to a single remote control. We utilize Control4’s high tech equipment to make it possible for you to turn off the lights, turn up the heat, shut your doors, pull down the window shades and play your theater while relaxing on your living room couch; all at once!

It is a modern day luxurious lifestyle – better embrace it!

Smart Home Intro

Welcome to the home of future!

Practia Inc.’s Smart Home Automation Services brings luxury, control and convenience in to your lifestyle. Utilizing state of the art Control4 solutions we are Washington DC’s premier Smart Home Automation service providers. With our more than a decade long experience, we have built our reputation by achieving excellence in everything we do. We are your one stop solution provider to all your Smart Home Automation needs.

We provide in-depth home automation audit, consultation and solution deployment. In simple words, we are fully equipped to automate just about anything you want – garage doors, window shades, lights, central heating, sound system and security surveillance. You name it – we’ll automate it!

With our Smart Home Automation Services, you can now control your home through your smart phone or tablet PC. If you’re someone who prefers things a little less complicated, we can even automate your home through a TV remote control!

Are you ready to indulge?