MAC & PC Support

Own a Mac or PC that's been giving you problems lately? Let us provide you high quality and highly personalized PC / Mac support service!

PC's have become an integral part of our life and one can not do business without them. Yet, like all machines they require technical support services time to time. Which is why we at Practia pride in offering specialized services in Mac support and are fully capable of handling any PC support requirements and technical issues. We can service your business regularly and on-demand by providing you responsive, efficient and effective Mac support services so that you may focus on your business's core activities. Our team is your Managed IT partner and acts as a dedicated service provider for Mac and PC support.

Along with Mac Support and PC trouble shooting, we are fully capable of handling all technical problems related to network security, data backing, server maintenance etc., hence, we are a one stop solution for all your managed IT needs. Give us a call today @ (703) 790-8706 to get your PC fixed or to utilize our Mac support services. We would be happy to serve you!