Cloud Computing Consultants

You've already heard the new buzz word "Cloud Computing". But do you know if cloud computing is suitable for your business or what exact advantages could be drawn by your business by shifting to cloud computing? How about which cloud computing service provider to use? This is a Cloud Computing Consultant's job!

At Practia Inc. we're not the average cloud computing consultants who sell solutions with or without relevance to your business. We're proud to be a cloud computing consultancy that believes that only analysis can lead to outstanding solutions. In fact, we're a dedicated team of tech specialists and cloud computing consultants who carry out a detailed IT survey and IT system audit of your business to see whether it fits well with cloud computing model or not. The results of the cost benefit analysis are then tied to your unique business needs. This requires detailed process flow analysis to see the various value additions your business carries out and at the same time we outline the leakages and bleeding points in the chain which can be fixed through the use of cloud computing. Once we are fully equipped with the knowledge of your business we then proceed to suggest to you various cloud computing solutions which can efficiently and effectively meet your needs and genuinely help you with your bottom line.

When it comes to offering solutions we ensure they we keep ourselves up to date with the most latest and effective cloud computing services available in the market. We are proud to have achieved the status of Google Apps reseller. Our job, however, does not end by offering just the cloud computing solution. We go the extra mile and provide you planning services, implementation/setup, assist you with the migration process into the new cloud computing system (emails, files, etc). Furthermore, pursuing to establish a long term relationship with you, we offer management services to assist with managing user account, settings, configurations and rolling out features across the infrastructure and of course, on-demand cloud support.

At Practia, Inc. we believe in catering to all your IT needs so that when you decide to outsource your IT needs, you come to us only. We believe in your business and want to be your strategic IT partner. Give us a chance to understand your business and help you make your systems more efficient and effective by calling us on (703) 790-8706 !