Network Security

Protecting one's customers data as well as the private office network from vulnerability, exploits, payloads and other such network security threats has become an increasing cause of concern for all businesses. How do you establish credible defenses to ensure Network Security? What key measures should be taken and systems set in place to provide network security? How to keep private networks private and control access? Practia's Network Security Services has all the answers!

From planning, deployment to maintenance, Network Security is our number one priority. As a managed security service provider, we provide not only consultation but full implementation of various processes and steps small-medium sized business can take to protect their networks, such as:

  • Placing Access Control Systems
  • Installing Application Security Software
  • Specialized Network services from experienced and knowledgeable network specialists who can handle and troubleshoot all network related problems.
  • Establishing Authentication as well as Authorization Processes and Controls
  • Setting up Firewalls to restrict access
  • Proactively placing deterrents such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

At Practia Inc. we want to partner with you in ensuring your peace of mind by taking care of all your Network Security concerns. We are a one-stop solution provider, i.e. we go the extra mile and take care of all your IT needs from design and planning to deployment, securing and maintenance of networks. Let's establish trust by giving us a call at (703) 790-8706!