Structured Wiring

Cabling infrastructure can be complex. That is why it is essential to have someone who understands all aspects of structured wiring during the planning, design and installation phases of your project.

While it is much more beneficial and saves money to complete wiring to support your data, security and audio/video needs during the open phase of construction a.k.a. new home electrical wiring, that luxury is not always available. Whether you are in the build out phase of your home or business or want to update your existing location, we are here to help.

Practia Inc's Structured Wiring 8 Step Model provides the perfect solution for your Structured wiring needs.

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

In order to give you the perfect structured wiring solution it is pertinent for us to understand what YOUR structured wiring needs are! We believe in understanding the job inside out before executing it. Whether its network cabling, new home wiring or an office structured wiring design required, a job well done is only possible if its understood well.

Step 2: Need Assessment

At this stage, we assess each and every requirement you give us in order to outline its scope and nature. We prioritize your needs and flag items which require immediate attention.

Step 3: Current Infrastructure Analysis

For projects which require electrical wiring, network cabling or structured wiring, it is important to know what we're dealing with before designing a solution. We analyze the current infrastructure to look for synergies and outline what is going to be compatible and what is not. We keep your convenience and needs in focus so that our structured wiring designs cause you the least trouble.

Step 4: Future Utilization Requirement

Foresight is the most valuable tool for a structured wiring consultant to have. In dealing with projects such as new home electrical wiring or office network cabling layout, it is pertinent to not only keep present needs in mind but also foresee how the infrastructure will adapt as your new needs arise or business grows! We ensure all our Structured wiring projects are scalable!

Step 5: Structured Wiring Design & Mapping

Structured wiring requires a solid design and mapping phase, where we show you a visual representation of your electrical wiring, network cabling etc. We show you exactly which socket, panel and outlet etc. shall go where. This step helps you know exactly what to expect from our team when we're finished with the structured wiring job!

Step 6: Cost Estimation & Assessment

Once you approve the structured wiring design and agree to the scope of the project, we shall give you a cost estimate that meets your budget. We'll assess all the costs involved and source the perfect structured wiring material that meets Practia Inc.'s quality standard and your budget!

Step 7: Project Execution

This is the stage where we really get down to business. Whether its new office wiring or a bustling work place project, we'll make sure we execute the project professionally and responsibly. You'll always be kept in the loop as we achieve milestones and finish up various phases of your structured wiring job.

Step 8: Structured Wiring Maintenance & Support

Once your project is finished, we'll always be available if there's any trouble you experience. We shall be regularly following up on any maintenance needs you might have. We've been rated 5 Star by our customers mainly because we give you the personal attention you deserve; Home Adviser recently gave us the Best of Home Adviser Award too!

We believe in establishing a long term relationship with you and want you to rely on us not for a one-time job but for a life time. After all, we've been in business since 1999!

So pick up the phone and call (703) 790-8706 for a free consultation session!