Smart Home Intro

Welcome to the home of future!

Practia Inc.’s Smart Home Automation Services brings luxury, control and convenience in to your lifestyle. Utilizing state of the art Control4 solutions we are Washington DC’s premier Smart Home Automation service providers. With our more than a decade long experience, we have built our reputation by achieving excellence in everything we do. We are your one stop solution provider to all your Smart Home Automation needs.

We provide in-depth home automation audit, consultation and solution deployment. In simple words, we are fully equipped to automate just about anything you want – garage doors, window shades, lights, central heating, sound system and security surveillance. You name it – we’ll automate it!

With our Smart Home Automation Services, you can now control your home through your smart phone or tablet PC. If you’re someone who prefers things a little less complicated, we can even automate your home through a TV remote control!

Are you ready to indulge?